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Vi har Nordens absolut största och bredaste utbud av trimchip till över 3000 olika bilmodeller. Hittar du ändå inte just din bilmodell, kontakta oss.
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We are seeking distributors for ITSFUN worldwide.
Want to become a reseller? ITSFUN tuning chip can offer you one of the market's strongest brands, the ability to optimize the engine of virtually all existing makes and specific engine models. We also have favorable conditions and good support and provide education. We believe that you run some sort of workshop for cars or other car related activities and master to some extent troubleshooting and automotive electronics. Contact us directly now on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In everyday language it is till called "chip tuning". For modern automotive engines is otherwise the expression “engine optimization” more accurate when writing new engine management software. The electronics that control the various parameters of the engine is adjusted to give more torque at low and medium revs of the motor’s range with more peak power. Therefore, increased performance and driving pleasure, but with lower fuel consumption and emissions of environmentally harmful substances. Increased power results in faster overtaking, more torque for faster throttle response and more efficient combustion results in lower consumption. If you have not tried this before, you'll never want to go back to stock again!
With the latest technology and tools when it comes to programming, and development of our own software which is tailored uniquely to each individual car, our goal is to offer our customers maximum performance while maintaining reliability.

ITSFUN always offer a free environmentally optimized loan car, price guarantee, hire purchase and pick-up service. We are upgrading all cars possible via the OBD socket - the car's diagnostic socket - no re-soldering of the controller needs then to be made.

Today low-cost variety applications of low quality are offered on the market where it is not unusual for engines to not even start after "optimization". Be careful in your choice of supplier and who should get the confidence to upgrade something as sensitive as the car's steering system. ITSFUN has the largest and broadest range of engine optimization for over 3,000 different car models with constant new software development for both older and new models. We are at the very forefront with regard to software excellence for all the tuners over the world.

If you still can not find your car model - or your customers car if you are a retailer - please contact us! Probably we can tune it but have not updated just the particular model. We can tune almost every car and model.

Regards/ ITSFUN

0046 (0)8-323 953
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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När vi motoroptimerar din bil innebär det att vi ökar motorns effekt, vridmoment men sänker bränsleförbrukning samt utsläpp av miljöskadliga ämnen. Motoroptimering innebär alltså såväl effektoptimering, bränsleoptimering som miljöoptimering. I alla priser ingår alltid provkörning, laddtryckskontroll, diagnoskontroll samt funktionskontroll. Med ny programvara följer bl.a. ändrade parametrar för bränsletryck, tidpunkt för insprutning, tändning, laddtryck, momentbegränsare, rökbegränsare, vridmoment och fartspärrar, m.m.